Pupils of age 9-18 are encouraged to participate in the competition. 

For this year, all Posters will be submitted in electronic form only, before the Conference, and will be uploaded in the Conference website for an online assessment by the Jury

Click here to view the Mathematics Posters for 2021

Competition Rules:

  • Posters will have to be submitted in PDF form until 14 June 2021, at
  • Size A3 or A2
  • Colour or black/white
  • Submissions can only be done by conference registered pupils
  • Each pupil could submit up to two posters
  • All posters will be uploaded on the conference website
  • An international jury will select the best three and award first-second-third prizes. Honorary mention may be granted in addition to the prizes, plus a certificate. 

For any questions, please contact us at