1st Prize Poster- Jungic Branimir, XV High School, Zagrab, Croatia

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2nd Prize Poster - Veronika Vrhorec, XV High School, Zagreb, Croatia

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3rd Prize Poster - Kyriaki Ioannou, Constantina Mikeou, The G.C.School of Careers, Cyprus

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3rd Prize Poster - Tomas Sura, Matus Zeman, Leo Cunderlik, Samo Lihotsky, 1st Independent High School, Slovakia

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Students (age 12-18) are encouraged to participate in this competition. They could bring with them posters they designed themselves and submit them for the competition during the registration process. Posters can be of size A3 or A2 in colour or black/white. Submissions can only be done by registered students and each student could submit up to two posters. An international jury will select the best three and award first-second-third prizes. Winners will receive prizes as shown. Honorary mention will also be granted with more presents to be distributed, plus a certificate.

Mathematics Poster Design Competition 2012

  • 1st Prize: 400 euro
  • 2nd Prize: 300 euro
  • 3rd Prize: 200 euro

European Mathematical Society
Munich Re
Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians