Dear colleagues, dear teachers, the EUROMATH community is trying to grow and from 2017 we are introducing EURO-SCIENCE as a Symposium within EUROMATH. This will allow an interdisciplinary interaction, something that was proposed by some of you in 2016. We would like to do more with you and for you and eventually for the pupils.

We invite those interested to become member of the EUROMATH and EUROSCIENCE experts group to complete the google form by pressing here

The experts group will form an advisory board having a meeting every year during EUROMATH and initially will have the following opportunities:

1. option to become a National Ambassador for EUROMATH or EURO-SCIENCE

2. receiving a discount on the registration fees

3. participate as Session Chairs

4. initiate special activities within the conference

5. offer workshops to pupils

6. become a session evaluator

7. member of the Jury for different competitions

8. develop your own working thematic group

9. become a partner in EU funded projects

10. write articles in the EUROMATH – EUROSCIENCE newsletter

and more to be developed through the annual meetings.

Click here to become a member of the Advisory Group