Communicate science in 3 minutes and use your communication talent in stimulating the imagination of the public. 

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See below the participants for ScienceFactor


Code Name Surname School Country Title
SF1 Giulia Stabile Isis Europa Italy Save, don't waste
SF2 Andreea Mitroi Colegiul National calistrat Hogas Piatra-Neamt Romania How big is infinity
SF3 Eleftheria Safarika American College of Greece-Pierce Greece Einstein's Quantum Nightmare
SF4 Emilia Maria Florea Colegiul National Calistrat Hogas Romania How food cravings work
SF5 Petar Vuckovic Gymnasium, Kotor Montenegro Passport, Please
SF6 Konstantinos Tsempis Diastaseis Private School Greece The little spermy's journey
SF7 Alexandros Symeonidis Diastaseis Private School Greece What is the blockchain and how does it work?
SF8 Ida Rupcic OS Braca Radic Croatia Metric system
SF9 Lydia Nikiforiadi Nea Genia Ziridis Greece Think
SF10 Iouliani Damianou Gymnasio Linopetras Cyprus Star insulin
SF11 Antria Efstathiou Olympion Private High School Cyprus I can break everything coz I know physics