How-to prepare your abstract.

  • All abstracts must be at most 250 words.
  • The abstract is written on a single column A4 page.
  • The language to be used is English.
  • The font must be ARIAL.
  • The title must be center alignment using ARIAL 14-point type, CAPITALS, BOLD SINGLE SPACE.
  • Leave one blank line and then type the author(s) name(s) using ARIAL 12 pt, BOLD.
  • Underline the name of the presenting author.
  • Directly below type the affiliation, address and email for each author using ARIAL 10 pt. Use asterisks (*, **, ***) to correspond the name to his/her address. 
  • Leave four blank lines after the affiliation and address and type the word ABSTRACT using ARIAL 12 pt, CAPITALS, BOLD, CENTRED.
  • Leave one blank line and type the abstract using ARIAL 11 pt, SINGLE SPACING.

Please send a copy of your abstract in MS WORD for Windows (PC version) by email to the attention of the Programme Committee at

Deadline: 30 January 2019

For any questions, please contact us at