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First Announcement
Call for Abstracts and Registration
The Cyprus Mathematical Society and the THALES Foundation is announcing the organization of the European Student Conference in Mathematics EUROMATH2012. ?The venue of the conference would be the DEDEMAN Princess Sofia Hotel, Sofia, Bulgaria. At this stage students of age 12-18 from any European or International school who may be interested in attending the Conference with or without a presentation should proceed with the registration process. The deadline for abstracts/summaries is 31 January 2012. Notification of acceptance of abstracts will be before 15 February 2012. Registration should be completed by 1 March 2012.
The Conference will consist of several workshops/symposiums/sessions covering multiple themes. Students are encouraged to present work from projects in mathematics in the following themes but not limited to. Group presentations are also welcome and full audiovisual technology will be available. The official language of the conference is English. Abstracts/summaries may be provided, in addition to English, in the mother language of the student.

The themes of interest are:

  • Applications of Mathematics
  • Mathematics and Sciences
  • Mathematics and Life
  • Mathematics and Technology
  • Mathematics and Social Sciences
  • Mathematics and Space
  • Fractals and Geometry
  • Mathematics and Economy
  • Mathematics and Literature
  • Mathematics and Nature
  • Mathematics and Music
  • Mathematics and Law
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • History of Mathematics
  • Mathematics and Society
  • Mathematics and Europe
  • Mathematics and Philosophy
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Famous Numbers
  • Mathematics and Sports
Proposed Workshops, Symposiums, Sessions or Exhibitions within the Conference are welcome.
Please send your proposals at cms@cms.org.cy to the attention of the Programme Committee
European Mathematical Society
Munich Re
Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians