1st Prize mathFACTOR- "More honey, please" - Ljubica Vujovic

The first Grammar School in Kragujevac


2nd Prize mathFACTOR - "A brief overview and some useful applications of multivariable calculus" - Yue Wang

Malmo Borgarskola


3rd Prize mathFACTOR - "Is Fibonacci still alive?" - Aleksandar Hrusanov

High School of Mathematics and Science



Final list of accepted mathFACTOR competition Participants

Communicate Mathematics in 3 minutes to an open audience. 

The theme could be an interesting theorem, a mathematical method, an application of mathematics, but it has to be made simple so a non-expert can understand it, enjoy it and appreciate it. 

Candidates can only be students registered at EUROMATH 2012 Conference. Presentations for the competition will be done in front of an international jury, open to audience, during EUROMATH 2012

1st Prize: 400 euro

2nd Prize: 300 euro 

3rd Prize: 200 euro

Rules: no presentation tools like Power Point or video are allowed. Contestants will be allowed to bring small items that they can hold with one hand. They will be provided with a small table and a microphone. 

The contest room will be available for rehearsals the night before the competition. 

Application Form 

 mathFACTOR 2012 Application Form

New Deadline: 15 March 2012 

European Mathematical Society
Munich Re
Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians